In need of a hero, mankind turns to Mack Luster.

Mack Luster is a 1980s infused action-comedy feature film. About a hero. Who is awesome. And fights to save us all: You. Me. Relatives. Pets. Plants. Universe.


Chayos is an epidemic that turns innocent civilians into evil versions of themselves. 

It is destroying mankind and Mack is the one person who can stop it. 

Based on the character “Mack Luster” from VISIONEERS, the film is set in a skewed ’80s reality of present day with heroes are larger than life, where good is good, evil is evil, and the bad guy doesn’t need to learn a lesson but instead just get his ass-kicked. 

In the purest sense of the word awesome, Mack Luster is the most awesome movie you’ll ever see. It is a passion project for us that we’ve been developing for years and are finally ready to blow it out and take the next step.


The story begins with good people doing bad things. Senior citizens attack frat houses. Girl scouts lace thin mints with rat poison. Laird Hamilton snakes waves from groms. CHAYOS. Spiraling out of control.

In desperation, the President of the United States activates a top-secret 3D human printer to bring Mack Luster, a fictional character from a 1980s TV show, to life to defeat Chayos. 

But the human printer is untested…and the real life version of Mack it produces comes with quirks. Mack only knows what was scripted in the show: that his true love is Cunincanda, she’s been kidnapped, and he needs to rescue her. Also in the show he’s able to punch through walls, defeat ten men at once, is never winded, and never bleeds. 

Not in the real world. The real world is dangerous and plagued with political correctness, social malaise, and peppermint mochas. Societal evils that Luster has never had to face. 

And, worst of all, Cunincanda doesn’t exist. 

This crushes Mack and forces him to acknowledge the truth about his existence: everything he knows about himself is a lie. Fiction. He’s a phony. A fraud. HE WAS NEVER A HERO. 

Meanwhile, Chayos rears its ugly head, annihilates the White House and turns the world upside-down. LITERALLY. Good becomes evil. Darkness becomes light. Flowers die. Poo smells nice. It is opposite day. FOREVER. 

And the one man who can turn it right-side-up is on a binge of self-discovery. Partying. Drinking. Chicks. Dudes. Swisher sweets. All things Mack never experienced as a “character.” He learns to bleed. Struggle. Love. Face his fears. And deal with the reality that in order to be a hero, he first needs to learn to be a man. 

AT THE CORE, this is a movie about self-discovery. Of Mack redefining himself. To become a man who won’t go down without a fight. Who won’t apologize for being larger than life. For being kick-ass. For being cheesy. For being awesome. For being who he is: a goddamn hero. 

It is a struggle that we believe, as filmmakers, everyone can relate to. We are all forced to ask tough questions about life. To evolve. To redefine where we are going and how we need to change to get there. 

Somehow, someway, the following films have helped inspire Luster: 



The film is set in a skewed ‘80s reality of present day. This is realized through VFX, stunts, characterization, and design elements like wardrobe, hair, and props. 

But unlike most films with an ’80s bend, Mack Luster doesn’t sit back and poke fun at the ‘80s. 

Sure, the ‘80s were cheesy. But they were also awesome. And those two links – cheese and awesome – are not coincidental. “Awesome cheese” is something our world today could use more of. 

What is “awesome cheese”? It is the confidence to roll down your window and blare loud music rolling up to putt-putt golf. Drawing smiles along the way…not glares. It is dancing to a song that isn’t even playing on the radio but it’s playing in your head so screw it I’m going to dance hard. It is a thorough lack of political correctness because it doesn’t know what political correctness is. It is big business, when big business was not a sign of corruption, but a sign of success. When success was positive. When success meant being bigger, stronger, better than you are now. Being a part of America. The most awesome country in the world. And not apologizing for it. Where a single man can rise up out of nowhere and become a hero who wears his heart on his sleeve, laughs loud, cries long, strives to be the best he can be, and makes this world a radder place to live.

That’s what the ‘80s means to us. And is what we are striving to glorify with Mack Luster. 

To help visual elements of “awesome cheese,” consider the following:

Mack Luster is personal for us. This is not a random idea we came up with after a couple of beers. This is a passion project that we have been developing for years. We’ve written hundreds of pages, done multiple test shoots, sketched out the character a million different ways, spent tons of time and energy building a fanbase, and have analyzed all our production options and story angles to flush out Luster into a fully-realized three dimensional character. 

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions, please shoot us a message or email us at and we’ll do our best to get back to you immediately.



I am as strong as I am sensitive, as tough as I am deep, a shadow fighter fighting for beauty, truth, and love. Every day, I rise with the sun to fight Chayos wherever it strikes – wherever the rules of reality have been bent or broken, wherever humanity is in danger of going down. To fight Chayos so that at the end of the day when night closes in, it closes in a world that will still allow for one more dawn.


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